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Thank you so much Shadow for those links. Gold!

It is so refreshingly pleasant and positive to see so much going on behind the scenes which we public know nothing of!

FWIW, an ancillary point I'd like to mention - and a bit off topic- I am equally flabbergasted and pleased with our board havin' our backs after Nidahas. I know we vilify our board, but they got it right at Sri Lanka. I think Mr Papon was the one who said how the deck was loaded entirely against us by Lankans and we didn't even have pleasant, basic amenities.

THIS is exactly how it should be.

Grill your players all you may at home but in battlefield back them up. Ultimately one's dharma should be principles (niti). It's not about being blindly and moronically neutral and vilify your own players just for the sake of vilifying them and khobordari. Rather an impartial judge (ergo coach/management) is she who calls bull--- out when she sees one fit.

In the past, this was egregiously lacking in our forum. Heh! Others would fault, and we'd grill our own players for nothing. Is this any wonder that it frustrates their psyche? And this no doubt plays a bearing on a player's psychological performance. As if the sentiment is "jai kori na kano, dosh amader."

Give me a break FCS!

There is a time and place for being overtly neutral and time for doing the right thing at the right time.

To drive home the point I remember watching an African-American family drama (I am pretty sure Fresh Prince of Bel Air) where the Mom (or Dad?) tore a h--- of police officers for racially (and abusively!!) imprisoning their kids and completely and entirely backed them up like a matured adult.

But then they came home and massacred Carlton or Will at home for breaking the law or something. (And we ALL know how Carlton is like...)

This is called leadership homey.

WE Bangladeshis have lot to learn.
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