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I know I can be incisive at times but in general the armchair BC crowd thinks 'oh oh if you tweak your bowling action or batting action or say, just go around the wicket or something or bowl at some slot' then suddenly all of a sudden you will get bucket loads of runs and wickets.

Cricket doesn't work that way.

Cricket is more than some kinda 'hack' or a puzzle that you intellectually 'figure it out' and if, should and would you do then all of a sudden like casino jackpot it will eke out results.

Cricket has much more to do with analyzing if Tamim is strong on the off or on side or as I ranted on ICC page if someone is tryna develop niche market of playing off-spin (was it?) off back foot. Really? Suddenly if you specialize in playing off-spin off back foot like writing a masterly dissertation on the newels of bannisters of say 13th century Gothic architecture, all of a sudden he will bring bucket-loads of win?

Again it is nothing to do with my critique of members' views. But heck even one of my favorite commentator like Nasser Hussain overanalyzes the game. Ian Bishop doesn't. So as I wrote in ICC post cricket used to be a game of adrenaline rush - if not a simple primal bat and ball game- and we have made into a 'nuanced' sport via geekfestery.

Mental toughness, fitness, ability to strategize and think on your feet, body language etc plays far far far far far more important role than 'oh if he only did so-and-so, we'd be having so much win 'ykn'.

Yeah. I am sure that was the piece that was missing. You got me dude.

Only exception I'd say where BC got it right is running between the wickets. Yeah that was a problem and we are making progress of playing less dot balls.

Then again most people who majors in chemistry, physics, maths, computer science, biology has this uber-analytical tendency (note: I did NOT say nerd...I did NOT :P) to break down a game.

I mean imagine if someone did the same in Tour de France or Michael Phelps: "Oh I just love how the rotary motion of the pistons of the jambs make synchronized motion to take the agent from point A to B'.
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