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Originally Posted by James90
It looks like the players need a psychologist with some insight into the pressures of going from relative anonymity to national stardom in a short period of time. Whether that is a shrink, or someone from a sports background, there is clearly a large issue that the BCB has so far been unable to grapple with.
On point, absolutely! And besides that is with everyone. Even in Hollywood sex and drugs can destroy everyone unless one stays grounded and humble.

Look at frikkin Brady. A GOAT who leads a team full of brawny macho alpha males and YET he is so down to earth and humble and loved by everyone.

Also speaking of going to foreign countries and adapting and adjusting do you think a sports psychologist can help with that? I am pretty sure the reason why our away sheet is atrocious cuz we get overwhelmed....

Dude. It doesn't matter Agargaon or in a club full of white, blonde, leggy girls on stilettos in skirts in Bevery Hills throwing themselves over some meatblocks or even in Oscar's where everyone is rich, famous and successful with their dream gals , IF you can walk into there and have an attitude you OWN that place with BODY LANGUAGE that's far more important than say some hacks or tweaks. And yet we underappreciate this mental aspect like a moron thinking it is 'watery' and 'vague'.

Equalizer mentality yo.

Why do you think animals are territorial and mark their territory? It's PRIMAL.

As sports psychologist says, when you are in your court, that's YOUR court. YOU own it. YOU are the Calipha of Baghdad who oversees the entire night city like a vigilante fakir. (My aritstry.)

And if we have what? 60,000 thoughts a day. Everytime you miscue or throw wides, if every time you are beating yourself down to death by saying "IDIOT. I am such an idiot. What a loser!!! I am such a loser!!" Damn right it will affect your game.

We used to say "Ash drops a catch and smiles."

You MORON. That's EXACTLY what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to shrug it off and not let it affect in your 4th quarter . Don't think you know it all. At least try to cultivate humility and grow.

Just like overconfidence is a killer, so is underconfidence.

Don't be disingenuously, self-flagellatingly, self-loathingly "modest" all in the name of "faux" humility.

See eye to eye.

Nijeke humble humble bhaab kore pochano is NOT a credit or virtue. Heck that even smacks of EGO.

Amra Bangalider asholei self-esteem, healthy self-imager obhaabh. And thus I harp about fitness.

If you pay your dues, damn right you will feel superior than others without having to prove yourself than 99% of Bangali beta males who doesn't take care of the bodies, toilakto bhuri bair hoia thake, voice a confidence nai etc etc.

The sword not drawn...

I know I overdo the alpha thing. But it matters. As a nation, we are a nation full of betas. Not only that majority of Americans/West are sheeples. Only 5%-10% of the populace are leaders.

Ultimately it doesn't matter about nation or race, but how your really carry yourself. How you - as an individual- maximize your resources (just like those E60 documentaries where people who come from nothing (kinda like Harden from Compton)) who DEVELOPS their MIND first.

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