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It's NOT physician's decision.
It's NOT board's decision.
It's NOT members' decision.

It's Shakib's.

Are we sh*****ing ourselves?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the hell's WRONG with you people?

Go and tell some feminist "Gee Ima guy who has NO authority whatsoever over you body and the abuse you suffered lemme make that DECISION for you if you should abort your baby" and see how they react.

The case or severity of his injury - be it niggle- is a MOOT issue. It has nothing to do with it.


Just because some of you are spiritually, physically, intellectually, professionally, financially miles and head above them doesn't give you ex cathedra right to make decision for others.

Eta to dekhi pura dome slavery dekhi.

You don't control them.

It's odious.
It's offensive.
It's obnoxious.

And this is not an ATTACK on a single member, but an ATTACK on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

Come' at me bro. I will take on ALL of you.

I am tempting you.

Agent provocateur.

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