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Default How open are british sylheti girls to marrying North American born sylheti boys?


I'm a 6foot tall, fair skinned( mentioned my skin tone only to justify my preference for fair skin) religious/pious Canadian born bengali of sylheti origin. I'm at a point in my life where my parent's are considering looking for bridal prospects for me. As crappy as it may sound, I'm actually pretty picky when it comes to picking the right girl.

For me she has to be at least 5ft5( which is a rarity among bengali/sylheti girls), hijab wearing and religious; fair skinned with non- bengali looking face. Finding sylheti girls fitting such criteria in Canada is extremely hard with the biggest drawback being the sylheti girls in Canada are just not religious enough or too liberal, and the sylheti pop is relatively small among the 24 thousand bengalis living in Canada.

I know that the Uk has over 500 thousand sylhetis living there, I've seen plenty of educated, pretty + religious sylheti girls in the Uk before; fitting my criteria for the most part.

This question is for all the british sylheti members on this forum. Based on observations you've made or personal experiences, how open are the families of british sylheti girls or the girls themselves to marrying North American born sylheti boys?

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