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Here's my take.

I actually like Sabbir. He single handedly won us against SL launching counter attack after wickets fell in rapid succession.

Now when something egregious like this happens he should be reported to police with victim making GD in 'thana' and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It's as plain and simple as that.

No need for hoi choi.
No need for bruhaha.
No need for BC SJW naak golano.
No need for trial by mob mentality.
No need for public shaming.
No need for outrage.

This is BC cricket forum. Not BC ethics or Law&Order Special Justice Unit forum.

We also don't know the full story either. What happened in blindsight is none of anyone's business. Not to defend this idiot but could it be he was instigated?

Then again knowing the likes of Papon and Sujon fully they are like Jack Reacher and Robert Macall who likes to play vigilante and take law into their own hands.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing given their military background and working closely with Akram Khan for close quarter combat training before being deployed to Ramada.

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