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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Same thing happened when Shakib asked for vacation.

Some beta male posters and journalists felt the need to write articles as if to put him in place.


Shakib doesn't need us. We need him. He doesn't owe jacks-- to anyone. Just because he signed up with national team doesn't mean he sold his soul to the devil and has transferred his pink slip to us.

Just because you don't have the guts to ask your boss for raise or leave of absence doesn't mean others do as well.

Shakib can very well retire tomorrow without having to justify his decision to anyone.

See... the problem with beta males is that they think they are running the show when in reality we alphas sit back, smoke a bleazy and let them carry out the illusion that they are in control. Except we still get to call the shots.

Nijera to national team crease er dhare kase jaiteo parbo na to tai we derive sick glee and pleasure to drag down #1 All Rounder in almost all formats fanning our puffed up ego that we have some sort of ownership and entitlement over their career, lifestyle and choice and acting as ethics police.

This merely stems from insecurities, lack of our own self-actualization, frustration, odious senioritis and what not.

Shakib and most submissive Bengalis who have to answer to higher authority shubodh balok to...tai.

Colin Kaepernick er moton manush hole ektao Bangali ra SHAHOSH peto na khobordari korar. Shoja Supreme Court ey niye sue kore dito.

The irony is these same expatriates would side with Colin out of some sort of misplaced sense of righteousness when they cause the same flub to ours before someone like me call b.s. out when they see it.

Mijan (bhai),

How would you feel if I told to change your avatar? Not everyone finds new born babies appealing. You cannot simply post a picture of newborn thinking she is pure spiritually (which she is!) just because you might think others will find her attractive.

And I love babies. Especially the three year old toddlers if they happen to be more cuddly like scoops of ice cream.
Something tells me that this issue is close to your heart for some other reason. You seem very animated about it. Care to share why you hold this "issue" so close to your heart? I dont think I have ever seen you this animated. Comparing babies picture... womens health/abortion with a grown man's finger injury is a bit too far, IMHO. Who hurt you as a child, my friend?

I am not taking one side or the other - I am glad that we will have a representation of Shakib's caliber in Asia cup -- but that's all I will say.
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