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Originally Posted by adamnsu
Some people never change. You are similar in character to Sabbir so I found your comments a great way way to start the day

Originally Posted by cricket_king
The resident pak TROLL has landed.

I had to do this.

Again, personal attacks and harassment started without any credible reason. Look, none of our opinions will matter or impact what happens to Bangladesh cricket.

Dont forget this is a forum and everyone has an opinion that can be wrong or right. Writing about it is just expressing ones feeling otherwise whats the point in having this forum at all. I haven't abused or did anything that dont go by the forum rules. Still i am being accused for trolling. I just hope any action this time is with credible reason not based on misunderstandings.

Whatever, just ignore my post if you don't like it. But just dont go for personal attacks. Also, Please dont derail the thread with non-issues. I wont bother to reply though.

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