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Originally Posted by godzilla
Am actually very curious to know, what is it about him that you do not like on a personal level? Hell Shakib is a bigger douchebag both on and off field. Very unprofessional with his on field/off field attitude alot of times. Compared to him, this guy is a saint and he performs with his bat. Let's not even mention others like Sabbir and co.
Roey tried to get Mushy out but always failed miserably as a bowler. Mushy hit him out of the park with six sixes in an over and followed it up with NAGIN dance on his face.

Roey now accepted the fact he cannot beat Mushy, but does not blurt it out. Since he cannot beat Mushy, his only option is to hate Mushy and feel good about himself until Mushy retires.
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