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Originally Posted by zman
Agreed. I recall writing a post few years back where I showed Mushy the batsman was unequivocally one of the best in the world for a span of four-five years, between 2011-2016 I believe. He averaged close to 50 in ODI's and went toe to toe with Kohli as recently as few years back. Then Kohli decided to lift off leaving everyone else on planet earth in the dust. In 2014 our team was horrible, we lost almost every game. Many a time Mushy single handedly kept us in the game.
How many levels of misinformation can become a LOVE AFFAIR?

11-16 (I am not going call names) his average was below 40. 39.67 to be exact. Feel free to recheck. That is not Kohli like. Virat had 54.87. Toe to toe??? He is 40th in the WORLD sorted by AVERAGE who played more than 10 games.

He is even below Soumya Sarkar's average of 40.22. SR rate of 84 is not even close to Sarkar's 99. That is Strictly in ODIs.
Same time frame: (Test and T20)
11-16 Test T20
Name Inns Runs
Avg 100's 50's BD Rank Inns Runs Avg 100's 50's BD Rank
Musfiq 47 1610 36.59 2 9 3 36 618
1 3
Shakib 42 1750
47.29 2 14 2 40 896
6 2
Tamim 48 1996
40.51 4 11 1 38 961
29.12 1 4 1

If you shorten the time frame to 14-16 it would be the same story or worse. In T20, for example, Mushfiq averaged 16+. Sabbir, Tamim, Shakib, Mahmudullah, Anamul have scored more and have much better average. He comes 6th. Not the #1 batsman most of here tries to proclaim.

He rode free for a long time where he should have been dropped.;type=batting
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