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It contains such gem as

Hahaha,that was hilarious. Mush didn't even let Robiul speak while translating! That was not cool.
and golden oldies as:

Mush: "When you are bowled out for 134,it's very difficult to come back"

So why the hell was your team bowled out for 134 in the first place you little punk?
as we well as instant classics as:

Nah. Mushy telling Gazi not to appeal too much.

He was speaking english son. You think Mush speaks to Gazi in english? Exactly.

Mush is talking too much sheeeeeet. The guy needs his own album. All electro beats with his voice samples from behind the stumps.

I'm sure it gives the batsmen a lot of motivation when you keep...

Well to be fair, I DO think the vocalist has a point with the last one! Tune in next time for more garbage in KMushyDissin104.1 with your host DJ Roey (no, really, he really is...I sh-- you not) brought you by Alka-Seltzer. Alka-Seltzer: When you have so much bile in your heart, get ready for some cleansing. Now available at your local 7/11.
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