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Antora (and to others whom it may concern)

Racism is a serious accusation. If you think you have been slighted either use the report button or set himself right like a strong, confident, mature adult young woman that you are now.

Sometimes copping out with a smarmy 'bye-bye' emoji is nothing but spiritual bypassing. You are complicit. By your virtue of very silence, you support the odious behavior.

As for the word being diluted to its very core meaning par abus de langage, when you throw around the 'racism' willy-nilly it is a grave insult to the very people in whose country you were born who suffered REAL racism.

Intense self-loathing with residual of feudal serfdom of classism but racism it is not.

Straighten him up if you think he rubbed you the wrong way. But don't back down passive-aggresive with a tone of 'it's-not-my-job-anyway-at-least-losers-spend-their-time-on-BC' cuz dear that ain't nuthin more than another form of egoic manipulation.

Haze em while you can. Lemme know if you need anyback girl. I am already late for my room clearance drill...
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