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Great share As!

They all seem to have very nice looking actions.
Except none of it means s***.

*initiate counter people pleaser against-the-grain argument
adjust velocity on launchpad
velocity adjusted
all set?
aye aye captain
aaaaand blaaaaast off*

This is not n' attack on ya or anythin' but to everyone on BC. This is probably the stupidest thing ever. I know we BCites sit on our entitled throne eating our frikkin pomme-frittes and asparagus and waiting to be dazzled by their actions like frikkin Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, but none of this s*** matters in the long run.

How you are groomed up...
How you bounce back after being tonked for 40 in your first....
How you grit and fight to tooth and nail....
How you brush away the embarrassment of the first ball catch at slip on debut..
How you decide to spend your time on injury, which, albeit will decidedly happen..
How you prevent s--- before it starts (injury)....
How you suss and pan out the game and bowl accordingly....
How you can drop at pitch perfect...
How you think creatively at pressure cooker matches...
How you make yourself a superfit supersoldier using your limited resources at hand...
How mentally unbreakable you are...

These. All these and many many many more has much more impact than some 'smooth, round fluid action.' FFS man. What the hell's wrong with you folks.

And OH.

Did I forget one simple thing call....ed..?


Maybe just maybe that is an important point we should consider. I mean it doesn't matter you a turd like Shivil Kaushik or Gogga or bowl frikkin around the stadium makin' a lap eurrrytime or just like you eat rice, 'maatha diye haath ghuraiye', or even the most fugliest ACTION ever... maybe, I dunno guys, I am really not a cricket expert or an uber-analytical breakdown journalist or a cricket scholar graduated from University of Armchair University (funded by La-Z-Boy of Urbana).....just frikkin maybe that ABILITY will come handy... when sayyyyyyy.... we gotta need to take...hmm... GEEEE.... I dunno. *does a Nicolas Cage head toss*..... 20 FRIKKIN WICKETS?? Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*shoots 10 xanax pills, mainlained to calm self down*

Sorry guys. Kinda got a lil excited there. Where was I? So yeah...I think Goni sir is absolute #beastmode though. Eye for an talent always. Reminds me of Marcinko from back in the days.

Good news is if the kids are groomed right, since they are relatively plastic with wise acumen and spirit, they will each turn out to be unstoppable machine.

As for myself, if they are too much of a killing machine, they'd also need to find that creative voice that needs to tell them to throw all rules known away otherwise.

The fact he said this here gave me hope. 3:13

And look at this kid at 3:26. Durjoy. Absolute IDGAF swagger. "femas hote chai..." Basically he be sayin iz: "Look I dunno know about you b---- (lol) but in 10 years time I am Audi, ridin a Audi, in Ibiza with 8 ball in one hand and 30 henny's on the other with them h---s on stilettos be ridin me a Seabiscuit... so you f your Lemu. You can f your Tiger energy drink and Cobra fountain and what not. I am gon be out there makin money and an instagram viral. That's straight to the top with enough zeros in the bank to give a mnemonic memorizer enough stressor to drive himself mad kinda like Laplacian monkey after on them frikkin food stamps yo. So you can keep your Thumbs up and Nicknack while I am zoomin this shuttle straight to Ho meter. Thank you."

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