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I think we are hitting on a good topic here. Request mods to pare it to a new Fitness Thread. Now what components can we isolate that will enable to improve a player?

-Is grip strength necessary? Why?
-Necessity of gross motor skills game such as soccer which they sometimes do...?
-Or even volleyball
-Stamina (get your V02 tested)
-Agility (Be Ronaldo.. lol)

Start at

-Fast reflexes (do pliometric exercises?)
-Batsman foot work (learn boxing, martial arts, filipino martial arts replete with footwork, dance, tango, ballet ffs, skipping but...boxing is a good start)
-Invisibility (optimizing batsman's blindspot when fielding and counter that when batting)
-Speed (sprints I guess)
-Endurance (just pad up and stand from 9 to 5 on pitch for 5 days shadowboxing)
-Power (try baseball to switch gears and thought patterns or even shot puts)
-Further a SLA might benefit from a cerebrally complex sport as ping-pong...

Blah. Feel free to add anyone.
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