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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Oh look. Our resident Equalizer/Leveler reading us a verse of not breaking the taboo of 'Consecutive Post' from Corinthians 1 verse "I shall be the goody goody model boy that shant ruffle the feathers instead of policing other dingbats who write dizzingly annoying thesis after thesis ad infinitum but noooooo let me grab my girl's purse to retrieve my whateverleftremain of manhood to go after forum alpha" from his Netiquette Commandment tablet... actual *****in stone tablet. ^^^

Hey c---s let's all gather around and be equally inferior!!!
Surprised to be labeled a "goody goody model boy" considering the number of infractions and warnings I've received over the years. Furthermore, I didn't realise being generally amicable is cause for questioning manhood and indicative of being an "inferior forum beta". Frankly, I would wager that the superior "forum alpha", as you claim yourself to be, is the archetypal unemployed 30-something-year-old loser bashing away at his keyboard whilst guzzling bottles of creaming soda from his mother's basement. Finally, the fact that it's perceivable that you can "write dizzingly annoying thesis after thesis ad infinitum" without receiving a single response suggests your posts are nothing but nonsensical ramblings.
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