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The only nonsensical post is #4811 - an off-topic jibe intended to rile and instigate a fellow member insulting his/her personal opinion acting as a backseat moderator.

Again part of forum rules entails that should and if you do see any posts are that problematic use the report button to let your voice known to the forum moderators instead of taking the onus upon oneself to police people.

A LOT of people uses so called "non-sensical" ramblings. Zaved's pot-laden (me wonder!) forays precisely enlivened, entertained if not enlightened the forum's atmosphere many times otherwise which would have been a mere Kafkaesque drab existence where everyone following rules like robot with uncreative, unoriginal, uninsightful, mainstream, 'yes-man', thumps up "this" people pleasing comments. As was/is Imon's biting wit and one liner sharp sarcasm.

At the end of the day, what you perceive to be nonsensical is nothing but of subjective whim and taste. Let's examine one of your rich, detaily cited extemporaneous excursion into the benefits of isometric training for wicket-keepers or say, the magnus effect on Saqlain's doosra, shall we?

I mean... what's stopping. One search away. All I have to do is randomly pluck out of one-of-your-gem and unorthodox, insightful random creative posts. I mean with thousands-a-plenty I am SURE won't be disappointed. All I need is one pith and densely littered tome to devote lifetime, huh Jyoti?

The point being a lot of people make so-called "nonsensical posts". The fact that you decided to deliberately pick on me instead of others shows you are making it personal with an air of "mods letting this guy slide away...he's becoming unstoppable and uncouth....gotta staaaaaaap him..... *enters phonebooth* hang in there Lois-as-damsel-in-distress BC personification"

Most of my posts contained and captured a series of self-contained, discrete thought patterns and atomic memes which were NEVER meant to be blasted of at one shot,but rather.....gradually evolved without my own foresight.

There I countered each and every point like a mature adult that a member is supposed to do without intent of instigating or hurling insult at someone's opinion.

Suppose, I do make 40 "nonsensical posts" consecutively and it goes unchecked by the moderators. My question to you is this:

What's your problem?

Why does it bother you?
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