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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Suppose, I do make 40 "nonsensical posts" consecutively and it goes unchecked by the moderators. My question to you is this:

What's your problem?

Why does it bother you?
No idea as to where I insinuated I had a problem with or was bothered by you or your posts. Not sure if you've noticed, but you're essentially the only person posting, so who else am I supposed to "pick on"? Also not sure if my mere poke and giggle necessitates your clownish, overly-sensitive machine gun response. I agree that "nonsensical" is most definitely subjective in this context. I admire your intelligence and impressive vocabulary but your making of this as a monumental mountain when it's a miniscule molehill highlights your alarming levels of insecurity. Had I known my post would have had your panties in such an awful tangle, I would've thought twice. No doubt you could unearth plenty of my posts that could be deemed "nonsensical". You are the self-proclaimed alpha, after all, with plenty of time on your hands, evidently. My contribution to society goes beyond that of discussions on BC, so I'm going to end with the popular colloquial expression of "Chill out, dude".
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