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I actually don't disagree. Kudos for speaking up. See it wasn't that hard, right? Ri----ght? So why do you STILL think you will never get Stephenny's IG?

Just kidding. You have been on point and spoken some great truth without much volume. I respect that. No hard feelings dude.

At the end of day when I pick all these so-called flary 'fights' with'all NONE of its personal. For one, I don't even know how you look like Jyoti. All I know you some dude with shirtless FB profile pic flexin and sh... LOL!! No seriously, when I go all-in against you folks or even assert my own ground against others with maternal ad hominem, honestly it is hurling rocks at water. For me to go all bats-- psycho on 'yall is same as dissing an abstract algebraic topology equation.
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