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Default Yet another...nonsensical (philosophical) rambling: Volume I (Suggested Front Page Article)

What is cricket?
If Tamim makes a century in domestic and no one watches, is he still happy?
But...what is the meaning of cricket?
What is the essence of cricket?
Can a ball be in two places at the same time in particle physics simulation?
Can a batsman be both out and not out like Schrodinger's cat?
Can a batsman reach infinite batting average?
Does Bradman exist?
Is it ethical for Souyma to bowl a snorter to scare a batsman?
Did Ashraful wake up to be Tendulkar or did Tendulkar wake up to be Ashraful? (You are welcome Fazal!)
Is it out...though? I mean REALLY though?
Does Sorites paradox apply to marginal run outs?
Speaking of Ship of Theseus, can a batsman REALLY be lbwed?
Who invented the cricket?
If we never rounded off any statistics, would the space-time explode?
If a batsman hits a ball to Event Horizon, can he take runs forever? (I know a repeat of one of my earlier ones. Sew me.)
Define 'out'.
Define 'run'.
Who questions the third umpire?
Who played the very first cricket match?
Are women genetically inferior to surpass Man ever in cricket? (I am allowed one inflammatory clickbait.)
If a Siamese twin won a match, will he get.... 'joint' man-of-the-match award?
What is the sound of one hand clapping when opposition needs 1 off 100 in Mirpur?
Is match fixing altruism or criminal?
If killing Hitler off produced no Sachin, no Rohit, no Kohli, no Sehwag, no Binny...would you still pull the trigger to divert the timeline? (Your classical Trolley.)
Is hit wicket self-cannibalism?
If a person lived to be over 100 years old and lived to witness every single cricket match but a traumatic brain injury wipes his mind out and a new disc of all the recollections inserted, did he STILL watch the same matches?

These are the questions that keep a lad awake at night.
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