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Originally Posted by SportingBD
What I don’t understand is that there are people like Trump, Putin, Assad, Kim etc who have done terrible things, yet they have been gifted by God with power? If you believe in pre-destination then you would agree that it is God who gave them power?

But on the other hand you have people in the mosque praying, trying to live a good life.. and what is the gift from God? Often the answer is oh you will be rewarded in the next life.. I mean? What?
Your post captures the uncertainty in understanding of the definition of reward which is very common. From a religious perspective it helps to understand and appreciate the meaning of reward when we reflect on the meaning of life and death. Few years back I remember reading about Uday Hussein, son of Saddam, his lavish lifestyle and stories about his savagery. People that showed any form of dissent or disobeyed him directly would be thrown into the cages of his vicious pet tigers. He enjoyed watching them get devoured. Uday suffered an ignominious death when he was brutally killed by American soldiers. Seldom do we reflect upon death which is the biggest equalizer.

Here's something worth trying. Next time you make a nice windfall, treat yourself to something nice. It could be a nice house, car, laptop or whatever works for you. At the same time do something nice for someone less fortunate than you, an act of mercy such as sponsoring an orphan, or helping a kid who is battling cancer, etc. See which one gives you more satisfaction or REWARD.
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