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^a lot of Bangladeshis involved in various fraud. It's in the blood almost.

there is also something called next door millionaire - typically defined as someone very low key - appears to be a minimalist but in reality have racked millions of dollars of savings and investments. maybe thats you One world.

But I agree with your observation of having a decent job in USA for over 2 decades, one can with right savings/investment strategy can accumulate significant amount of money and lead the rest of life with financial independence.

I hate those definition of middle class where a number is used. It really depends on location and certain middle class squeeze that one feel. And that is the reason Federal tax brackets are not fair to big portion of population. Democrats always define ppl with household income >200k as rich and always go after that group. And then they talk about taxing ppls 401k. this that. Almost punishing ppl who worked hard their whole life.

anyways via this thread i m talikinh about really making it...
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