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Default Emerging countries

I think the emerging countries should play atleast 15 ODI in the span of one and half year before the world cup to get enough exposure and enough match practise and enough confidence..
I think they should play each other atleast 3 ODI and some countries should give a helping hand and ask them to tour their countries for 2 to 3 ODI. probably it would be good for countries like England to call when they have fixture of games..
For eg
Pakistan and Srilanka are touring England.
England ask Scotland and Ireland to come and tour England in this time and

England Vs Scotland
Pakistan Vs Scotland
Srilanka Vs Scotland

England Vs Ireland
Pakistan Vs Ireland
Srilanka Vs Ireland

Like wise each countries will get 6 ODIs and each country have to play only 2 ODI extra...

Likewise other countries should ask to play in their countries...
The countries should ask the emerging countries to play just before the actual schedule begins.. just like a practise match but with ODI status...

It would be nice to see Bangladesh ask any two or three emerging countries to come and play a series or one or two match each in their country in 2006..This series will give more confidence for bangladesh players and also will help to increase the averages of the bangladesh players

Also Television and internet should help to telecast live.. Thus the countries will get more money
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