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Originally posted by Tintin
Let's see whether we can do it for the big guys. There's a weekend ahead

So it is like the %of India's runs in the second innings that SRT scored, in the matches that we lost ?
Precisely. I have done it for SRT and Lara so far. Correctly, I think. We can cross check.

Sachin has played in 31 such innings. He scored 989 runs whereas the team scored 6366.

Sachin's percentage of team total: 15.54 %

Lara has played in 41 such innings. He scored 1621 runs whereas the team scored 8540 runs.

Lara's percentage of team total: 18.98%


I would like to see how the likes of Gavaskar and Boycott hold up to this "carrying the most burden when the going gets tough" stats.

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