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We have a big problem in our hands.

We all know that everybody in our team (not only the actual national cricket team - but also the members of the BCB, their officials, the up and coming players who are now currently playing in the age group level - all of them) are being complascent at the moment.

If we look at the age group of our team - we'll see that (as hozzatt mentioned on this thread) and as many others have been saying these things over the years on different channels that we have very few experienced players, the rest are very young and inexperienced. The problem that we're now facing currently is that we can't afford to enter national players who are around 25 years old because when we have entered them into the national team, they have either poor technique (like Foisal Hossain), or are not probably fit enough physically, or are so inexpereinced (though, NOT YOUNG) at any International level that it is not worth it to give them a chance in our national team.

Then what do we do? We have come to the point when we can't give excuses of inexperience or for being young after almost 5 years' of playing Test cricket at the end of this year, and we also know what are the limits of our at least experienced players are.

For example:

Habibul Bashar will not be more consistent than what he is now - he will not be able to get a test batting average of over 50 at this age.

We can't expect Mohammad Rafique to score another test century when our team is in trouble (or not).

Khaled Mashud will not suddenly become a match-winner with the bat, no matter how committed he is while batting.

These are the limitations that we have to live up with.
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