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Default Cricket Video Games

Ummm... Not sure if I shud be posting this here... this being still relating to cricket Well Anyways...

Which Cricket Video Game you guys liked and/or loved? Assuming some of you have played Sega Mega Drive II and Super Nintendo and definitely played some cricket games on PC... and more recently PS2

Me being a very very huge gaming freak played way too many games... and yes played a lot of cricket games as well

I will just put down some names so that u guys can remember a few...

1. Brian lara Cricket 95 (Sega Mega Drive)
2. Brian lara Cricket 96 (the best there was for it time) (Sega Mega Drive)
3. Super International cricket (Super Nes)
4. Cricket 99 (really crappy, was damn easy and unrealisitc, u cud go 24 runs a over with just clicking the damn mouse) (PC)
5. Brian lara Cricket 99 (really good) (PC)(PS One)
6. Cricket 2000 (some minor upgrades over Cricket 99) (PC)(PS2, I think- not sure though)
7. International Cricket captain (a cricket management game, really good) (PC)(PS One)
8. Cricket 2002 (BEST right now, they have Bangladesh ) (PC)(PS2)

Anyone with any others please put em down... would like to hear some feedback...

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