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Default Police in US and in Bangladesh!!

In New Orleans, 64 years old black was agitated while policemen were trying to arrest him charging drunkenness. Reinforced policemen used excessive force with punch and kick to arrest him and the entire episode was filmed by AP.

Three police officers have been suspended and a criminal case has been lodged against them.

US news

In Dhaka, Police intercepted a Dhaka bound car from southern district Jessor and arrested two persons accusing money laundering and police recorded Taka 5.8 million was recovered from the accused possession. Subsequently the owner company of the money informs the police higher officials that there was Taka 23.8 million transferring from their local office to head office. After higher official’s drive police recovered Taka 17.5 million from some persons named “police informer”.

No police personnel has been suspended or accused in this connection so far.

Bangladesh news

Some Bangladeshi ministers, especially money minister Mr. Saifur very often utter satisfactorily that corruption is every where, insurgency is every where, in Bangladesh irregularities are not that much.

True, but in Bangladesh honesty in implementing legal procedure is absolutely Zero and this is the main hindrance for reforming Bangladesh since its independence.
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