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btw... Kazaa Sucks (atleast behind firewalls and u get real crappy files, damaged, wrongly named, I searched for Disney's Anastasia and I got 1000 of P**n vids of some anastasia... disturbing yeah??? :duh: )... there is this new dnld software called Bittorrent (there are like 1000 different clients, the source code is free so ppl are working on it like crazy)... its awesome... and its ez to use... just need to get the hang of it... and u are off... and its steady... if u have a fast connection and not behind firewalls u can squeeze some awesome speed off this thing... and most of the files u get on Kazaa nowadays comes from Bittorrent (BT) sites...

The best client that i found is available here: Shadow's
and u get torrent files here: Suprnova

P.S. I am not affliated with any Bittorrent client makers... and I dont get paid to advertise for this... and I dont hate Kazaa, in fact I still use it from time to time... so PLS no flaming... this was just a freindly announcement from the ''friendly-neighbourhood-web-surfer''... hope this helps... And another thing dont give me stuff abt piracy either... everyone pirates... even the guys who makes the software that got pirated... trust me I know from first hand experienece...
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