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I think this is a consequence of the ICC changing things to create divisions below the test playing nations.

"The official ICC newsletter also outlines the new structure of one-day cricket for the ICC’s 86 Associate and Affiliate Member countries. The newly-introduced World Cricket League will bring more regular and structured international competition to these countries than ever before."

See the latest ICC quarterly

"The top five teams from the ICC Trophy Ireland 2005 will join Kenya in the top tier of the newly introduced ICC World Cricket League in an initiative that will bring regular global one-day cricket to the top 18 non-Full Member countries.

The three-division ICC World Cricket League will, for the first time, allow nations to play regular one-day cricket against similarly-ranked opponents regardless of where in the world they are based.

It will also ensure that the qualifying pathway for the ICC CricketWorld Cup 2011 is open to all 86 of the ICC’s Associate and Affiliate members.

ICC Global Development Manager Matthew Kennedy said that regular competitive cricket was an essential part of the development plans for the sport.

‘This new structure of one-day cricket will sit on top of regional qualifying events to create a pyramid structure in which all teams have an opportunity to develop and an incentive to improve.

‘Success will be rewarded with promotion and the ICC World Cricket League will allow us to identify the relative strengths of these member countries on a more regular basis than ever before.

‘It means, for example, that Papua New Guinea, the strongest team in the East Asia-Pacific region, will be able to test itself against similarly ranked teams from Uganda in Africa and qualifiers from Europe and the Americas.

‘Before the introduction of the ICC World Cricket League these matches would only take place every four years. Now these opportunities will come around for all countries twice as often.’

The top 13 sides have already been allocated into Divisions One, Two and Three on the back of their performances in the ICC Trophy Ireland 2005. The remaining places will go to the top teams from five
regional qualifying events in 2006.

All of the matches in the ICC World Cricket League Division One will have One-Day International status.
Discussions are also underway to arrange additional ODI matches between these six countries and the ICC Full Member countries ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup in West Indies 2007 and beyond.

The play-off matches in the ICC Trophy Ireland 2005 and the qualifying event in Malaysia have enabled the ICC to produce one-day rankings for the top 20 non-Full Member countries. These countries can therefore be deemed to be ranked 11-30 in one-day cricket.

Ranking Team
11 Kenya
12 Scotland
13 Ireland
14 Canada
15 Bermuda
16 Holland
17 UAE
18 Namibia
19 Denmark
20 Oman
21 USA
22 PNG
23 Uganda
24 Fiji
25 Nepal
26 Qatar
27 Cayman Islands
28 Kuwait
29 Italy
30 Zambia

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