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Default Ershad & Golam Go to London !!

i was a bit perplexed to see the news about Ho Mo ershad's reason for going to london..he is leaving dhaka for london today to visit his daughter and grandson.The Party Vice-Chairman HM (!)Golam Reza will accompany him during his 10-day visit, says a JP press release.

All i know he got a miracle baby-boy out of no-where some years back ..Maiya ta hoilo kokhon abar? koun bow er?ekhon abar grandson?? pura laare lappa bepar shepar.

i used to read the weekly Bichinta by minar mahmood.most probably they gave/bestowed him the title Bishsho-Behaya.

what a perfect khetab that was/is for a leader whose choritro is fooler moto pobitro.

sorry guys, no cricket to follow out there after the drubbing of so called world eleven. emon ee jodi khelbi taile amader ashraful othoba aftab der nile ki khoti hoito toder?oi ALU'r cheye to ontoto bhalo korto.dui innings e mot 7 balls 9 minutes Ebong ekti matro run..sha'la motku'r bachcha...

mejaj tai pura khatta hoia ache to tai eishob puran pechal.
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