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Quran claims to be the book without error.
Ofcourse, no doubt in that. Scientists (including non-muslims) are now researching on Quran to find out many uncovered facts, one of them I believed is the milky way.

Quran said that the earth revolves round the sun and that is stated from a Book which was revealed 1400 years ago. Many scientists are now embracing Islam just for the Science in it.

Doing ablution (wudhu) helps keep our blood pressure low as this is said in the water therapy. Namaz is just another kind of exercise with a devotion to Allah. Islam is the most scientific Relgion. Quran is a manual for human beings on how to live on earth and contains guidelines on how to be successfull in here and here after. If you do a google search on : Quran and Science or Islam and Science then you'll find tons of useful things expalining the relationship of Islam, Quran and Science. Remember Islam is NOT science, Science IS Islam.

I would love to discuss about Quran/Islam and Science but right now the time is not permitting me. Inshallah after we get done with the exams we can hopefully get an interesting discussion going on.

Chinaman bhai I really appreciate you for bringing up this topic, JazakAllah. Brothers like Pompous bhai and Nasif bhai can definitely contribute a lot here. May Allah give us the understaning of the Quran and His closest religion, Islam.

At the last, hopefully this wasn't too long.

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