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Originally posted by Fazal
Your title really confused me.

I thought its "Ershad & Golam Azam Go to London together " for pleasure trip or something. That would have been I great topic for discussion. But reading the meat , looks like nothing new to talk about.

Edited on, October 21, 2005, 2:25 PM GMT, by Fazal.
sorry, bro.

didn't get any other combinations to sound/rhyme that like' Harold & Kumar go to whitecastle' !
however, gotta admit that was confusing a bit as there is/was/will not be any other infamous/greater Golam then the Golam-e-pakistan.

and, quite out of topics though, your thoughts reminded me the 'Long Drive towards gajipur ' of ershad & one of the oppositon netri @ the heydays of ershad.
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