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Bombayrocks - I have a lot of Indian friends and I have nothing but respect for India (or any other country for that matter). You know very well what you are doing. Don't think for a second that you are fooling anyone. We have been patient with you for a long time, patience is running thin.

I love my country very much, pretty much any red blooded human being loves their country and would love to share that with others. A SANE individual would pick the right form and forum to show that love. In other words, a true Indian national would find an Indian site/forum to share his/her love for his/her country with their countryman. It's natural and normal. Just like, in a Bangladeshi site, Bangladeshis will come in to share the love for their country. They have no reason to go to an Indian or Pakistan site to do that, I know I don't. Now, IF I wanted to create trouble, I would go to an Indian site or a Pakistan site and start posting useless (for the Indian or Pakistani or American - pretty much any place but a Bangladeshi site) facts and to top it all, start my post with a qoute like - " Facts of Bangladesh that would make you feel proud! ". I am pretty sure the Indian's or the Pakistani's would be plenty proud to know all the 'facts' about Bangladesh. After all, that is the natural reaction any red blooded Indian or Pakistani or American would have.

I wasted more time on this useless thread then I wanted to. Not too happy about it. I notice that othrs were forced to comment on the stupidity of the thread. Also, do me a favor, do not hide behind your nationality. This has nothing to do with you being an Indian, it's YOU who I have a problem with. We have some great poster, built some great relationship with our friends from India. People like you can't really do much to dampen that relationship. So, either clean up your act or get lost.

We will look at all your future post. Any post that does not pertain to Bangladesh Cricket will be deleted. No matter how innocent it is. I have very little patience for weasels. According to, a weasel is a person regarded as sneaky or treacherous.

By the way, if you post a reply to this post, no matter how innocent, IT WILL BE DELETED and you will be banned. We don't usually do this but in your case, I am making an exception.