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Ok you guys. I am a complete and utter moron and idiot. I know what many of you are thinking, "We knew that long ago, you don't need to tell us." Here is what I do. I don't want to post because I failed a test, need to study more. So I delete the cookies, and than I am coming here as a guest. That way, I'd have to go to inbox, find the password, log in and post. Well....I've done that a douzen times in two days. Like, what the heck is the matter with me.
Incidently, I do this with other things. I buy a pack of smokes. (can't just buy one, they don't allow it) I smoke it. I throw it into the garbage, cause I wanted only one. Then I find it, take it out have another. Ok this time, I soke them under water, than garbage. Ok, hours later I'm nicking. I take them out of garbage, put them in microwave, (after oven, and toaster failed), dry them, and than smoke one. Wholly Shinaniggan, I need a psychologist......Oh wait,,, I am one...:duh:

So, I logged in again, one last time. very last time, (shut up Carte Blanche - this IS the last time shut up shut up) because It occured to me that I may have offended some americans. When Teshin made is post, it occured to me he is from virginia.

So to clarify, yes, Americans think they are very smart, and sometimes think only one way. And we make fun of them and verbally attack and assault them. However, to us Canadians, they are like a spoiled big brother, that is tall and strong with a good job, that is a little ego centric and sometimes when he talks we want to hit him.. However, it is out of love, for we Canadians do love him deep down, because we are neighbours, and we are not THAT different.

I just wanted to clear that up, for many of your here may consider yourselves Americans.

Having said that, if an American posted a thread in a Canadian Hockey forum, in the forget Hockey section, "Facts of United States of America that would make you feel proud" he/she'd be eaten alive. I can gurantee that. There would be douzens of posts immediately making cracks at the stupid Americans, and the dumb things they have done or not done. I can just see it now.

Teshin has a point. It never occured to me that it might be intentional. I thought it was stupidity, especially with him being all sad and stuff. But on second thought, no one is that dumb, so he wanted to stear up trouble. Still, some very funny responses, no one seems really angered about it, it's a funny thread.

Anyway, I had to fix this with my American brothers and say sorry. We make lots of fun of you, but deep down we love you. Heck, we have no army, wait.....we really REALLY love you. Ok, done. ...

Thank you, retard leaving till dec now... ( no really.....I am...really...ok...don't say anything sensitive to bring me back for the love of God.....and all things human...)