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Actually, in the Quran it is in medicine, the embryo development of humans which is quite scientific.
-The Quran/Sura 39 on the development of the human embryo.

But Christians use these sort of arguments abundantly too.
Ripping texts from the Old Testament to give some sort of scintific validity. Hindus also.I could come with various examples which were written literally 1000 years before the Christain Judaic ones. So what?

No. I think there is no slam dunk proof of creation.
As one Sufi qoute brilliantly captures the theme of ultimate truth, " It is hidden, hidden , and hidden." The more this Science and Religion nexus is explored the more insecure these texts look.

However, I personally would like to see a more open intellectual climate in the Muslim world. At the least trying to capture the spirit of "enquiry" that was present during the days of Ghazali or Averoes.

If we are going to have religion in society then a Liberal religion is the only option that might have a chance because it would rectify a lot of the latent chauvinism found in the islamic world.