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Arnab its a red giant. And the picture is 100% optic RGB from Hubble Space Telescope, captured by detecting RGB wavelenghts.


The above image was taken by two telescopes, left one is from Chandra Observatory and right one is from Hubble Space Telescope. Chandra image was taken 100% X-ray shown in orange. The right image (hubble) has the X-Ray part (the blue part) and optical part(red and green part) from the Hubble. This composite image was taken with RGB detector as well as other detectors.

For full information on Cat's Eye Nubula please read this (explains Hubble image taking process):

Hubble's image does not come like regular camera. Using different wavelenght detectors Hubble can give the color contents of the source, which then can be recomposed. Details from Hubble site: RGB recomposition

But ultimately a red giant, Cat's Eye Nebula, is obviosly red, even if we see black and white.

Red Giant Info:
Because it has run out of fuel, the star begins to cool, and contract. The outer layers of the star fall inwards under gravity, and as they fall they heat up. A shell surrounding the central core becomes hot enough to fuse protons into alphas. So the star gains a new source of energy. The core of the star is now hotter than it was during its normal life and this heat causes the outer parts of the star to swell. The star becomes a giant. The radiation from the fusing shell has grown weak by the time it reaches the surface of the star. Weak radiation is red, so the star becomes a red giant.

This is the fate of the sun in about 5 billion years. You might want to mark your calendar!

The Quran verse here is taking about Red Giant. When sun becomes a red giant in 5-7billion years, it will engulf Earth, including Mars. And when that happens our "sky" will burn up with heat and earth will be destroyed. The sky will seem to be disintegrated and sky color that we will see (if someone is alive) will be reddish/rose like color.. This is what is meat by "When the sky disintegrates, and turns rose colored like paint."

The End:

It is very simple to understand. No denying it.

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