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Default good one chinaman bhai!

The difference between Muhammad (PBUH)' book (the Creator's Word) and Jules Verne was one is describing the mechanism of processes which can theoretically be investigated right at the moment it was mentioned and the other one predicted and imagined way into the future. A fake prophet would have been much safer just guessing about the future rather than describing in detail how he thought things creation worked and risk being exposed as a crank! What would care if people found out after his death?! Jules Verne had a one track mind...just like you would expect humans to be...he was interested in technology, exploration...and that showed in his novels...the Quran talks about a multitude of things from various aspects of life and creation...There is no "may be" or "ifs" or "buts" at all. Every thing is said with simple and firm conviction.

In any case, if the Quran is a big lie..and Muhammad (PBUH) was a crank....he was the best damned actor in the whole world...he lived a life of complete and utter deception...lied through his teeth...could break into a sweat and act strange and the wierdest of times...impressed people with his honesty and truthfulfess (all of which was fake and yet perfectly orchestrated)..gave up what was a very comfortable life for perpetuating some lies and persisted with them come hell of high water....half-starved himself to death and almost got killed on numerous occasions, all for some fake God he had created in his mind....not only that...he got a quite a few people killed because of his deception...came up with wierd stuff about babies in the womb...and mountains...and galaxies which no one understand for quite a while after that ...what a super-crook! nauzubillah!