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In any case, if the Quran is a big lie..and Muhammad (PBUH) was a crank....he was the best damned actor in the whole world...he lived a life of complete and utter deception...lied through his teeth...could break into a sweat and act strange and the wierdest of times...impressed people with his honesty and truthfulfess (all of which was fake and yet perfectly orchestrated)..gave up what was a very comfortable life for perpetuating some lies and persisted with them come hell of high water....half-starved himself to death and almost got killed on numerous occasions, all for some fake God he had created in his mind....not only that...he got a quite a few people killed because of his deception...came up with wierd stuff about babies in the womb...and mountains...and galaxies which no one understand for quite a while after that ...what a super-crook! nauzubillah!
You know what, these exact questions stump me too. But you know how history gets distorted right? Ask an Awami supporter about Sheikh Mujib and you will get all these Rong-chorano Galgoppo about his life.

Now, I am not so much of a fool to say the history of Islam is a big lie. There's a lot of truth out there in the annals of history. The main question is are these truths being tainted by the zealous followers along the process?

History is rife with examples of schizophreninc religious leaders. We have seen them in 21st century as well. And the more weird they act, the more important they become in normal public's eye.

If Muhammad calmly produced the verses in a homely family dinner among friends, people probably would have taken him as a joker. So maybe he had to do theatrical stuff like swooning and stuf.

Pompous, you know that people are superstitious, right? And as you go back in generations, the more superstitious people seem to be. Your mom is less superstitious than your grandma, who is less superstitious than her mom. When you grandma talks about causes of some illness from jin bhoot, or makes up stupid reasons why your stomach is cramping, you laugh at her, right? Because you now know what's really happening inside your body thanks to the science of medicine.

And this is going back only one generation. If people can be so superstitious and ignorant in just one generation, imagine what the poeple would be like in 600 A.D.? I mean if you read some of the hadiths, you can clearly see Muhammad knew nothing about how the body worked internally (obviously), he just applied common sense and spouted off whatever was in his mind with an air of conviction.

Now, my guess is, a LOT and I mean a LOT of these stories regarding Muhammad (or any other prophet, for that matter) is folklore. Made up stories that sound so awesome but I'm sure if you dig deep, you'll come up with something very different.

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