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Default Random thought: Earth in the future

Paleomap project

New scientist

''7.5 billion years from now when "the sun will loom 250 times larger in the sky than it is today, and it will scorch the Earth beyond recognition."
Earth, will be entirely reconfigured into something called Pangaea Ultima:

"Existing [subduction] zones on the western edge of the Atlantic ocean should seed a giant north-south rift that swallows heavy, old oceanic crust. The Atlantic will start to shrink, sending the Americas crashing back into the merged Euro-African continent. So roughly 250 million years from now, most of the world's land mass will once again be joined together in a new supercontinent that has been dubbed Pangaea Ultima."
The surface temperature on Earth will reach between 60 and 70C and the... oceans will all but disappear, leaving vast dry salt flats, and the cogs and gears of Earth's shifting continents will grind to a halt. Complex animal life will almost certainly have died out."
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