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Can you provide any examples of such hadith? Are they sound?
And this is going back only one generation. If people can be so superstitious and ignorant in just one generation, imagine what the poeple would be like in 600 A.D.? I mean if you read some of the hadiths, you can clearly see Muhammad knew nothing about how the body worked internally (obviously), he just applied common sense and spouted off whatever was in his mind with an air of conviction.

Is this speculation on your part or do you have any other reason to believe this happened?

If Muhammad calmly produced the verses in a homely family dinner among friends, people probably would have taken him as a joker. So maybe he had to do theatrical stuff like swooning and stuf.

Start of with a guess...end with conviction...nice work!
Now, my guess is, a LOT and I mean a LOT of these stories regarding Muhammad (or any other prophet, for that matter) is folklore. Made up stories that sound so awesome but I'm sure if you dig deep, you'll come up with something very different.
History, particular of Muhammad's life, as is recorded by Muslims and Non-Muslims, is based on his actions, and accounts by modern historians are almost symmetric in content, though they may diffeer in their speculation of intentions. As for superstitions, I am guessing you are referring to the hadith. Actually, most, and I mean overwhelmingly MOST hadith deal with day to day sayings and rulings of the prophet, very much non-superstitious...superstitions are generally associated with unnatural events...miracles...of which only a handful are associated the prophet. As for his state when he received the revelations...many non-Muslims had speculated that he was epileptic..only to dismiss these as not plausible later...well you seem to know how to break into a sweat cold sweat on time I need a deferral for my exam I will ask for some tips