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Originally posted by Arnab
For the LAST time:

These detectors produce images of the cosmos not in color, but in shades of black and white.

Finished color images are actually combinations of two or more black-and-white exposures to which color has been added during image processing.

I am not saying you're lying. You are just not READING carefully!
Obviously you have never worked with image processing. When you seperate a color image into its component colors, it gets seperated into 3 grey scale images. Its very simple in computer to produce a color image from 3 RGB component grey scale image. They do this all the time in publishing industry with 4 channels CMYK.

Yes, they take the image in grey scale (its not black and white, that is an incorrect term). But they have 3 different grey scale for 3 channels of RGB. From these 3 grey scale image a color picture can be composed. Its as if you have taken a color image. There is no practical difference.