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Originally posted by Arnab
Hubble is basically collecting various types of data, some of which is visible, most of which isn't. The scientists are taking these data, which are in binary form and making images out of them.

They are not initially collecting an RGB inage and then seperating the colors. They are taking an image that resembles a grey scale image (but in fact has much more info than that) and then ADDING colors to it to their whim.
You are posting before I can even read whats been posted. Fast indeed.

Ok lets give it in step by step:

1. Turn the hubble on
2. Face it towards cats eye
3. Get digital image from Wide Field Planetary Camera-2
4. Digital image data has different channels of data for each of the different detector. Three of these detectors are red, blue and green wavelength detectors. There are other detectors, we will disregard them.
5. Digital data of each of these wavelength is in grey scale.
6. Turn your computer on
7. Load the grey scale digital images for three wavelenghts.
8. Re-combine these three grey scale into RGB color image.
9. Now we have weak color image.
10. Enhace image colors so the it has high constrast.
11. Post it on your website
12. Discuss about it in