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Default Two members with same username?

May be itís an old already discussed issue. Then please close this thread. I just realized that two members can have two separate accounts but can use same user name. Looks like the system will recognize "Bashar" , "bashar", and "baShar" as three separate user name.

For example, all along I thought, Sauron (of North of Mexico, Registered: 26-4-2005) and shaoun (of new york city, Registered: 5-9-2004) is same user. Suddenly I realized by their registered date that they are two different people. And this is just one example out of many may be. There may be some more in future. Its not fair to the individuals who have the same name (and without realizing that, they may have registered it at different point) as well as the rest of the members trying to figure it out if the individual have dual personality or not.

Is there any way to prevent it by checking the user name (by non-case sensitive string search or something like that) and blocking it (the same name) to any new members who are about to register?

Well I know nothing is free, just a thought.
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