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Default Ganguly denies world number one comments

Indian captain Sourav Ganguly on Sunday denied claiming that India could be considered the worldís No.1 Test cricket team if it beats Australia in the current series. India goes to the Melbourne Boxing Day Test 1-0 up after winning the second Adelaide Test by four wickets last Tuesday.

After that victory, Ganguly appeared to suggest that if India won the four-Test series then his team could be regarded as the best in the world. India is sixth on the International Cricket Councilís world championship table and at best can jump to third if it wins the series 3-0.

After his team drew the three-day match against Australia A here on Sunday, Ganguly said his comments were indicative of where India was aiming, not where it would be. "Weíre not number one, thatís for sure because the number one team is Australia," Ganguly said when pressed on the issue.

"I donít know what people have understood when I said we wanted to be at the top because any side should look to be the best. I hope one day we can be number one. I never said that (the series) had the number one tag - Iím not stupid enough to do that and if people read between lines I canít help that."

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