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I read your article with utmost interest as the negative impressions in the U.S continue to grow about the outsourcing jobs to India. Personally, I never had any problems as the company I work for exclusively outsource to India , and the attention to detail and the quality of service provided by the Indian tech workers are excellent. Sure there will be some barriers specailly in the language and accent related issues. that is not a deterrent for most of the companies. Isn't that what globalisation is all about ? The American law makers that are complaining forget that while they preach globalisation and democracy all around the world,they are hypocritically guilty of double standard. Businesses are built on cost efficiency and profits. The lawmakers cant have it all. Either you protect your manpower and businesses from going overseas or you stop talking globalisations. Maybe, instead they should go after the big companies that practice outsourcing overseas. You and I both know that it would never happen. One other point that I must add, underneath all this I sense a tinge of racism towards our fellow South Asians. last time I checked Ireland is still the number 1 country in terms of outsourcing overseas among American companies ,closely followed by India, though that gap is closing rapidly. You will never hear a word about it..
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