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As far as BD media is concerned. Here's something that was brought to my attention.

We were discussing that BC was mentioned in Amar Desh:
Originally Posted by Tehsin
Thanks to Billah. He u2u'd me the link.
Ahmed_B made this observation:
Very interesting.
This report should have a separate thread of itself in the open forum. Tehsin bhai.. etake open forum e post kore den please.
Members deserve these compliments really..

BTW... for quite some time now, it appears to me that most of the BD newspapers now visit BC forum regularly and sometimes even find materials and ideas for articles in their dailies from this forum. Sometimes I have found exact same topics and materials from some BC threads published as articles in the newspapers within few days of a thread on same topic has been discussed in BC forum. While most of the newspapers mention their source as 'The Internet'.. this reporter in Amardesh was generous enough to mention the BC thread directly and even praise it's contents. All the credit goes to the members.

As an example.... compare:
With this Prothom-alo front page article published today:

The newspaper article even mentioned the exact two quotes that was in the BC thread.. and the tone of discussions almost match literally... Just a co-incidence?
Some of the 'sports reporters' obviously visit the site and (ahem) get their 'inspiration' from the fans comments. Hopefully they will pick up Billah's question and ask the Aussies to explain Ponting and Co's behavior in the next press conference.

By the way, Kudos to the AmarDesh sports reporter for showing some journalistic integrity.
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