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Originally Posted by thebest
I can not watch yesterday's match for a single second. from the post I understand that those things happend. So three cheers to Billah Bhai.
thebest, fyi, yesterday:

Brett Lee ordered Aleem Dar to stand 10-15 feet behind his mark so he could bowl. Aleem missed no balls by Lee, since he could not see Lees feet crossing the line, again and again. Lee threatened Aleem with physically provoking gesture. Incredible scene.

Ponting and Lee ganged up on Aleem and company, trying to force them to stand back 15 extra feet, while they do their chucking..

Lee hit Saleh on the helmet 4 times in one over. Later, another hit damaged Rajin's helmet. Rajin is the sportsman of the year, for me.

Ponting overrode the umpire's decision, and forced Aftab out, although, Aftab was NOT out. Aleem and co stood powerless, at awe of the Aussie assault on the officials. This, after repeated video reviwes by the third umpire established that Aftab was indeed, NOT OUT. A historical event, unprecedented, probably in any form of sports.

A few false appeals for lbw by Mcgill were turned down by Aleem who, in the middle of the match, was trying to grow a spine in his limp back. Next, they hit him from behind with a ball. The ball nailed Aleem hard, in the middle of his back, on the left side. It left him with considerable amount of pain. I think the intentional, purposefully hostile blow was delivered by none other than Brett Lee.
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