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I agree with you 99%.

We do depend heavily on Aftab and Ash to play well for BD to have a shot at winning matches against major teams.

In 2nd ODI, Aftab was suffering from sinus problems, so he was rested, not dropped.

But Ash was dropped. Since staying on and playing each match only worsened his game, hopefully this little break would only help to bring his form back.

Aftab and Ash both are essential for BD team. But that essential status should not allow anyone to develop such primadonna attitude that they stop valueing his wicket. Because when that happens, that essential player stops being essential.

Btw, this applies to Ash, not Aftab, coz Aftab still appears to put a price on his wicket. Granted, Aftab's wicket is not as pricey as Rajin's, but it surely is not free like Ash's wicket.
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