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I don't think dropping Ash and/or Aftab is a reflection on the selection committee's disapproval of these two young players. Rather, it is an indication that they want them to correct deficencies in their techniques and let them reassess themselves away from teh pressures of match play. I am 100% sure of this, and the selectors will not want these two guys out of the team for long. Like someone els ementioned in another thread, every player gets dropped at some time - even players liek ponting have been 'rested', and the rest period in many cases is upwards of a year!

Fortunately for players like Ponting, Clarke, when they get dropped and "reassess" themselves in domestic comps, they have a very strong competition in which to sharpen their games. In BD's case, there is no such strong domestic comp, so BD must persisit with underperforming players because the ODIs and Tests are the only places where they can get the proper learning environment. Of course, once the domestic comp improves in quality (perhaps after the cricket academy and other infrastructures are established), we will see a different selection policy.
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