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Thinking about Ashraful reminds me a story. It’s about a farmer and his infertile hen which is obviously not gonna give egg unless it goes through a certain period of time. The farmer tries his best to help it and at last he choked it to death.

In this case the farmer is our cricket management and the hen is our Ashraful. He wont play an innings of quality unless he goes through a certain period of time or only if he likes to. Now our management can choke him to death but he is not gonna play a good innings.

Most of ashrafuls best innings came in the second innings, such as his 1st test century, his 1st odi century or his 55 ball 94 also came in the second innings. So, the 2nd odi was a very good platform for him to play a very good innings. This argument further strengthens by the fact that, he only plays a good innings when he is at his back. In the 1st odi he was at his back. He was desperate to play a good innings when he played 23 balls for his 5. So, this was surely a huge opportunity!
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