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Default OLD THREAD - ICC schedule and longer version match of Bangladesh…

As per new cricket match schedule of ICC, Bangladesh would have no test match till May 2007 when India will be visiting Bangladesh for 2 tests and 3 ODI. In June 2007 Bangladesh will visit Sri Lanka for 2 tests and 3 ODI. Then over again up until February 2008, when South Africa will be in Bangladesh for 2 tests and 3 ODI, there would be no test match for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh will be out of test match for next 12 months! This period Bangladesh will play number of limited over matches including World Cup and ICC champion tournament.

From the beginning Bangladesh is suffering from the lack of temperament of longer version match. Always they are failed to performing as per their minimum ability in the 2nd innings with the very rare exception. Their average durability is around 60-65 over per innings, which is totally improper.

To eliminate this weakness, match practice is the only remedy and this incapability is crucial as Bangladesh is struggling for last 44 test matches. Out of 44 test matches Bangladesh won 1, drew 4 and lost 39, which shows our inability. Certainly Bangladesh in improving, but the world is improving very faster. Due to declining performance of Zimbabwe and West Indies we got some achievement against them but with other counties our performance is not that much significant except in recent Fatullah and in past Multan.

Our performance is not consistent. Our team is not consistent either. We are shuffling our opening slot, middle order, and pacer very frequently with some fallacy. Our domestic cricket is not organizing professionally and the performance is in there also not indicating the factual picture. So management are in the process to giving rest, mental adjustment and so many others immature reasons. And this is not professional approach for Bangladesh test cricket.

Bangladesh should take year wise own game plan. To increase the ability in the longer version matches, number of international matches to be organized in home and in abroad as well. As Regional tour would be less expensive, Bangladesh “A” team should visit India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka frequently and arrangement should be there for their return tour schedule in Bangladesh regularly. India and Pakistan might not be interested but for own interest Bangladesh should manage it. Regular participation will explore the player’s potentiality and will adjust their temperament for longer version matches.

Bangladesh cricket management’s activity would be centralized for upcoming World Cup tournament and it’s logical. Moreover Bangladesh would be a proud co-host for 2011 world cup tournament. Reasonably all work forces will be engaged to make the gorgeous event successful. But this business should not be neutralizing all the match event activities in home and abroad.

As Bangladesh will be out of the test match for 12 months, and after this long pause they will have to face India at home, it could be a great reason for under performance.

In July-August Bangladesh will be going to Zimbabwe for 5 ODI matches and trying to arrange an ODI series on the way in Kenya also. Bangladesh should put their efforts to play number of 4-day matches in the both countries in this tour. In November Zimbabwe will be coming in Bangladesh for 5 ODI matches and Bangladesh should try to fix at least some 4-day matches in that tour if Test match could not be arranged. If Bangladesh could arrange these additional matches it would keep the players in match practices during the test match dry period.

There are no other alternatives to build our future cricket players but playing the matches, domestic and International. Domestic cricket infrastructure should be developed and nursed positively and international matches should be arranged sensibly. Australia, India, Pakistan and even England’s players are now vocal for over playing. So it is understandable that economically less viable matches would be axed and Bangladesh will not get any consideration if we could not established our matches as financially viable.

Bangladesh will have to make won schedule to make it financially viable. Domestic sponsor would be arranging for mass publicity. It can be mention here that during the recent Australian tour, Bangladesh Radio did not transmit the running commentary of test matches but they did for ODI matches. It is clear that in the country sponsors are concerns about match feasibility in commercially! This area should be taken care by the authority.

Bangladesh cricket is in line to establishing their ability, and it should be consistent. The entire cricket game is being now handling super professionally in the earth and Bangladesh should make sure that they are in the Earth in positive way.
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